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Welcome to this conversion page for Belgian Lambert coordinates.

You need Java in order to run the Applet.

The purpose is to enter a Lambert position (expressed in X, Y (meter) as calculated on the Belgian Datum 1972 ) and to convert to all others.

These are the coordinates of the NE corner of map 23 "Mechelen", which is marked as:
X = 162024.805 Y = 198182.583 Lambert
51°05'40" N 4°32'30" E ED50
51°05'37.0451" N 4°32'25.4461" E WGS84
E = 607960.804 m N = 5661573.994 m UTM31(ED50)
enter the first line and compute all others

Follow this link to find more samples :-)
We also give a reference to the Belgian IGN Map at 1/50000,
the page of the "Topografische Atlas -Belgie*Belgique-Atlas Topographique" at 1/100000 and the new one at (1/50000).
An asterix following the map reference or page indicates that the position in on the map only if it is part of the belgian territory.

revised 16 Feb 2003

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