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Welcome to this UTM to UTM conversion page.

You need Java in order to run the Applet.

The purpose is to take an UTM position (on any datum) and

Example :
E = 289123.5 N = 5600000.0 Z = 32 UTM
E = 714517.3 N = 5600147.26 Z = 31 UTM
enter the first line and compute all others

We also give a reference to the (Belgian) IGN map at 1/50000,
the page of the "Topografische Atlas -Belgie*Belgique-Atlas Topographique" at 1/100000 and the new one at (1/50000).
An asterix following the map reference indicates that the position in on the map only if it is part of the belgian territory.

revised 16 Feb 2003

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